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Slowly Coming Out of Hibernation

It's been over a year since our last post... did you miss us (at least a little bit)? We hope so! Cause now we're back! How have you been? Which shows did you photograph? With which bands were you working? Tell us everything!

So even though we didn't do anything on social media or on the website, in the meantime more than 140 new photographers & videographers signed up who we will check and approve in the next few days! Which means we will reach the 500 members milestone, wow! How great is that!?! Thank you all so much (and sorry for not replying to your messages & registrations)!

We will soon be back with the "Song of the Day" where we share a track that we like in our Instastory and then we will continue with the "Picture of the Day" as well. Hope you're looking forward to discover new bands and fellow photographers & videographers!

And you might have noticed we've added some ads on the website. We don't like it either, but as we don't charge anything our service (and we don‘t get any funding or sponsoring), we had to take that step to generate at least a little income cause we still believe in the idea and want to keep going!

So who's still with us?


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