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RELEASE OF THE DAY | "Alice" by Midnight Ambulance

In a time when reality feels increasingly elusive, Scottish alternative rock duo Midnight Ambulance invites us to explore the blurred lines between fantasy and reality with their latest single, "Alice". Following the critical acclaim of their debut EP "Smoke and Sweets", the band returns with a track that promises to be both haunting and reflective, capturing the zeitgeist of our perplexing era.

A Journey into the Unfamiliar

The creation of Midnight Ambulance is a tale as serendipitous as it is magical. Fraser (guitar, vocals) and Amelia (drums, lead vocals) first crossed paths at an open mic in Edinburgh a decade ago. Their musical journey, however, truly began after a chance encounter in Paris, where Fraser was on tour as a backline technician, and Amelia was carving out a career in international PR. This fortuitous meeting reignited a shared passion for music, leading to the formation of the band known for their "ominous, looming" soundscapes and delicate, folk-inspired melodies.

"Alice": A Reflection of Our Times

The new single "Alice" delves into the disorienting nature of our contemporary world, where the rise of disinformation and media dominance distorts our perception of reality. The song is a modern-day echo of Lewis Carroll's Wonderland, suggesting that the fantastical and the real are no longer distinct realms.

Recorded and produced by Paul Winton at North Road Studios, "Alice" combines vintage equipment with modern, experimental techniques. This production approach mirrors the song’s lyrical exploration of the tension between fantasy and reality, creating a sound that is as immersive as it is unsettling.

Visual and Artistic Synergy

The release of "Alice" is accompanied by visually captivating artwork from Scottish magical realist artist Ritchie Collins. This collaboration extends to the song’s animated music video, crafted by ECA graduate Em New, which portrays Alice’s descent into a sinister Wonderland where appearances can be deceiving.

Live Launch at The Mash House

Midnight Ambulance will debut "Alice" live at a headline show in Edinburgh's The Mash House, promising an electrifying performance that encapsulates the band's dynamic and darkly atmospheric style. This venue, known for its intimate yet vibrant setting, is the perfect backdrop for unveiling a song that explores such profound themes.

A Continuing Ascent

Since their beginning, Midnight Ambulance has garnered recognition for their unique sound and compelling performances. They have headlined shows across the UK and internationally, supporting well-known artists like Texas, Twin Atlantic, and The Pigeon Detectives. Their inclusion in prestigious festivals such as Future Echoes in Sweden and TRNSMT further cements their reputation as a rising force in the alternative rock scene.


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