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OUR FAVORITES | Showcase Festivals 2024

New year, new music! Which means, it's time to share our favorite showcase festivals with you! And instead of giving you our Top 10 festivals, you get our Top 20, cause we love to discover new music so much and couldn't break it down any further :D

Why We Love Showcase Festivals

Showcase festivals play a pivotal role in the music industry and hold a special place in our hearts. These events are crucial for industry professionals, providing opportunities for networking, talent discovery, and trendspotting. Attendees, whether music enthusiasts or industry insiders, experience the thrill of discovering new sounds and witnessing breakthrough performances across diverse genres and that makes it so special for us.

Showcase festivals serve as a visual feast, presenting a melting pot of artistic expression, vibrant performances, and raw energy. You often have so many different stages and are faced so many different conditions which can be quite a challenge but also so rewarding! Being in the midst of these festivals allows us photographers to intimately connect with the music, enabling us to craft compelling narratives through our lens.

Moreover, showcase festivals are a treasure trove for discovering the next big thing in music. As a live music photographer, being on the frontline of these events means having the privilege of capturing breakthrough moments, contributing to the visual storytelling of an artist's rise to prominence.

So without further ado, here's the list of our favorite showcase festivals! What are yours?

Whelan's Ones to Watch Dublin, Ireland | January, 4th-7th & 12th-13th

ESNS Groningen, Netherlands | January, 17th-20th | Our Must-Sees

The New Colossus Festival, New York, USA | March, 6th-10th

SXSW Austin, Texas, USA | March, 8th-16th

Tallin Music Week Tallinn, Estonia | April, 3rd-7th

SPOT Festival Aarhus, Denmark | May, 3rd-4th

Liverpool Sound City Liverpool, England | May, 4th-5th

Focus Wales Wrexham, Scotland | May, 9th-11th

The Great Escape Brighton, England | May, 15th-18th

London Calling Amsterdam, Netherlands | May, 17th-18th

Live at Leeds in the Park Leeds, England | May, 25th

Dot to Dot Bristol/Nottingham, England | May, 25th-26th

Brighten the Corners Ipswich, England | June, 14th-15th

We've Only Just Begun Dublin, Ireland | August?

Pop-Kultur Berlin, Germany | August, 28th-30th

Waves Vienna Vienna, Austria | September, 5th-7th

Radar Festival Zurich, Switzerland | September, 14th

Reeperbahn Festival Hamburg, Germany | September, 18th-21st

Ireland Music Week Dublin, Ireland | October, 1st-4th

Iceland Airwaves Reykjavik, Iceland | November, 7th-9th

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