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MUST-SEES | The New Colossus Festival 2024

The New Colossus Festival is a five day showcase festival taking place 6-10 March, 2024 at eight independent music venues on the Lower East Side, New York and features over 130 emerging artists from all over the world as well as the Ditto X: NYC24 music conference and networking event.

We listened through all the artists and trust us, it was really hard to choose! First and foremost were visual people and the artist pictures alone were so good and intriguing that we wanted to include all of them. But no worries, they also convinced musically! There were only a few that didn't quite fit our taste. So if you're into dream pop / shoe gaze / indie rock music and are looking for new discoveries, please check out more than just our must-sees! And a lot of artists are also playing SXSW, so catch them before everyone else does!


Based in our hometown, Berlin, Germany, and always a worth a visit is art pop / alternative band Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys. Highly recommend checking out her atmospheric and intense shows. "Half of a Woman" is our all-time favorite and so captivating! She will also be playing at SXSW.

A band with a rather unusual name, but who deliver very catchy indie / post-punk tunes, are Nottingham-born Cucamaras! They just played ESNS and will head on a European tour in March/April before they are going to play Truck Festival, Tramlines and Y Not Festival!

CHAII is a New Zealand-based artist known for her unique blend of music genres, including hip-hop, electronic, and Middle Eastern influences. Her music often explores themes of identity, cultural diversity, and empowerment.

When you see Saloon Dion live, you wouldn't think they just formed in 2023. Their performances and tracks are raw, punky, yet with sing-along choruses. A definite "Don't miss" from us!

If you're looking for a fun show, Slash Need got you covered! Thumping beats, hot outfits and wild dancers. A good time is guaranteed!

Chavez Cartel is a four-piece alt-rock band from Gold Coast Australia. With attacking guitar, thumping drums, fat bass and powerhouse vocals.

Formed in 2015, British punk band Dream Nails is known for their empowering and feminist-driven music and their inclusive live performances!

Hotel Mira is a Canadian indie rock band known for their energetic and melodic sound and they look like a hell of a lot of fun!

La Sécurité, a collective from Montréal/Tiohtià:ke that is screaming "Riot Grrrl", will leave no dance floor empty!

Indie rock sensation Moon Walker will make sure you feel like you're at a big stadium! Get ready for a electrifying and unique show! And he's also playing at SXSW this year.

For those who enjoy the quieter sounds, check out Vienna-based singer-songwriter OSKA. Soothing songs that will give you some warmth.

Heffner is a 5 piece outfit from Athens, Georgia who craft guitar-driven power pop with occasional reaches into R&B and bedroom pop.

The songs from Wellington-based Vera Ellen will probably haunt you. They range from light indie rock to heavy raw vocals!

We were intrigued by the Instagram page of Pop Music Fever Dream and convinced by their post-punk / no wave music!

Check the schedule and get your tickets now!


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