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New photographer profile editor online!

The photographer profile editor got an update and (we think) it's much clearer now! We added tabs and buttons on each page that'll take you to the next screen. And to simplify the verification process, we put the most important fields on the first page and made them mandatory. And on top, the changes enable us to add more helpful features in the future (anyone waiting for a job board?).


On the first page you find the most important stuff, such as your name, a short bio, your email, your Instagram handle, what you offer and where you're based. We made them mandatory cause they help us verify and approve your profile and they are also helpful for musicians when looking for photographers.


The second page is all about your availability. Define where you're based and if you are available to travel (worldwide or in your own country only) or available for tour (worldwide or in your own country). You can also choose your rate and add more details if needed. If you offer any other services such as tour management, design/artwork, driving, merch etc, you can also put them here.

When someone is searching for photographers, we first show the exact matches. If someone is looking for photographers in Austin for example, we show all photographers that are based in Austin. But below the exact matches, we also show all the profiles of photographers that are based in the US and are willing to travel within their own country or worldwide.


On this page you can state when you started your music photography journey and if you're a beginner, intermediate, advanced or professional. If you want, you can also name the artists, outlets, festivals or brands you have been or are currently working with.

If you've been working for a publication (or run your own) we would love to encourage you to add it to our music blog directory. This is a great way to contribute to the community and it helps the publication to be found by photographers and musicians.


Here you can add all your socials links. From your website to your print shop.

About Me

Add a personal touch to your profile by choosing your gender or your working status. You can also define your preferred genres and venue sizes so musicians can see if it's going to be a good fit.


Last but not least, you can add 9 low-res images to your gallery. Upload your pictures one by one and give them a title before saving your profile.

 So take this chance to update your profile & be discovered!


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