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NEW FEATURE | Music Blog Directory

Music blogs and magazines play a very big role for both musicians and music photographers. They help musicians getting discovered and give photographers a platform to showcase their work. And that's why we started a community driven music blog directory!


To access our music blog directory you need to be a registered and verified photographer or musician (oops, yes, now it's out, a band registration is coming real soon!). In this first version you will get a simple list of blog names with a short description (if available) and the link to the website. Later we will add a search and filters, as well as contact information.


As it's a community driven directory, we want you to contribute! If you're working for a music blog or magazine please sign in and add it to the directory! If you're not a photographer but run your own music blog and want it in the list, simply sign up with your email and a password and add it to the directory!


We will check all submissions regularly and after approval they will be shown in the list. So make sure to come back regularly as it will constantly grow when we, you and others add new publications!


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