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NEW MUSIC | March 2024

Welcome to our monthly roundup, where we bring you a curated selection of the hottest releases, featuring both rising talents and established artists. Get ready to explore, discover, and immerse yourself in the melodies that define the month. Weekly updated.

Lip Filler - followup

We can't really wrap our head around "followup" (is it dance?, is it punk?) by London based Lip Filler, but one thing's sure: we love it and we want more! So mark your calendars, they'll be playing 3 shows in June.

Annie Dukes - Cherry

Annie Dukes is a femme fronted rock 'n roll band that have just release their new single, "Cherry", a love letter to all the women you've ever crushed on.

Laurie Wright feat. The Molotovs - It Was All Part of The Plan

"It Was All Part of The Plan" by Laurie Wright feat. The Molotovs is a hedonistic soundscape featuring Laurie's distinctive vocals and melodic harmonies and the juicy guitar riffs from The Molotovs.

Void Vampires - Breathe In Breathe Out

Ok, we just have to steal this quote: "Imagine if Dry Cleaning, English Teacher and Idles met up with Savages, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Alien Kulture and The Hives at a graveyard at midnight.", and now go listen to "Breathe In Breath Out" by London-based Void Vampires.

James Vincent McMorrow - Give Up

Irish singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, James Vincent McMorrow releases new single "Give Up" (which comes with a lovely tour diary video) and announces an extensive tour across the UK, EU, and North America.

Guessroom - The Same

Bi-coastal-based indie trio, GUESSROOM, walks the line between indie, pop, and funk and won us over with their latest single "The Same".

Marseille - Monkey In The Middle

Derbyshire based five piece band Marseille don't slow down and release shoegaze inspired track "Monkey In The Middle".

San Cisco - Under The Light

Think we found our first feel good summer track! Well, actually a whole album full of pure sunshine. If you're ready, check out San Ciscos fifth studio album "Under The Light"!

The Howlers - Cowboy's Don't Cry

We actually believe cowboys do cry, but only because they will never look as cool as The Howlers in their cowboy shirts.

No Windows - Zodiac 13

Earlier this month, the Sound Of Young Scotland award-winning Edinburgh duo, No Windows have shared their new alt-pop single “Zodiac 13”. EP coming in May.

Express Office Portico - Incommunicado

"Incommunicado" by Nottingham based quintet Express Office Portico explores the inability to communicate with and fully understand the world we live in amidst a backdrop of indie-synth-pop.

Guidestones - Taking The Long Way

"Taking the Long Way" is the groovy new single from Montreal's rock/soul group Guidestones. It is the first single off of their' upcoming For The Birds EP, dropping in April.

Die Horsecocks - half grown

The EP "half grown" by the queer indie band Die Horsecocks from Cologne, Germany is a reflection on their own youth; songs about getting older, first love and breaking away from their parents.

Pillow Queens - Like a Lesson

With "Like a Lesson", the Irish indie rock band Pillow Queens might have released our favorite song of the band so far! Make sure to catch them live on UK's stages in June and supporting Snow Patrol in Limerick in July ahead of their biggest show in Dublin.

Böhmen - Sedate

When we listened to "Sedate" by Manchester-based rock band Böhmen, we didn't expect it's the third song they ever released. It's such a catchy tune and the production is so good, we thought they must be playing the big stages already. So take the change to see them play at the Deaf Institute in Manchester before you can only see them from far away in huge venues!

Friedberg - Hello

Friedberg release a very fun video for their energetic track "Hello" which is the first one off of their new album coming later this year via Clouds Hill. They will be supporting Placebo in the UK and Giant Rooks in the US.

Deco - Photograph

This release caught our attention not only because we have seen Deco ages ago and have very happy memories of his gig, but also because of the song title. It's made for us, isn't it?

ROE - Cinema

We have seen ROE on different stages, in different cities and at different festivals over the past years and are happy to see that she released a new track in over a year! "Cinema" is a quiet but intense folk song about the mental health crisis in Derry, Northern Ireland. To celebrate the song, there will be a special show "ROE & Friends" in Derry on the 30th!

The New Nostalgia - Cow Song

London rock outfit The New Nostalgia release their second song of the year. "Cow Song" is a guitar-heavy riff driven rager, displaying some of the band's most surreal and obscure lyricism to date.

The Staves - All Now

We have been a fan of The Staves for a long time and "All Now" is the first album without their sister Emily. It sounds both retro and new, different and familiar, and we can't wait to witness these songs live soon!

teepee - broken silence

Czech dream-pop duo teepee are back with another song that captivates you from the first note.

Kaiden Nolan - Undersold

Another new discovery is Manchester-based solo artist Kaiden Nolan who fuses funk and indie rock to create a distinctive sound that's impactful and accessible.

Remi Wolf - Cinderella

Even though Remi Wolf's latest song "Cinderella" is about the ups and downs in life, it definitely puts us in a dancing mood!

The Pearl Harts - Pure

Looking for some new Riot Grrrl / Rock'n'Roll music? The Pearl Harts got you covered! "Pure" is an anthem for womxn to step into their power, not be ashamed to speak their mind and own their darker, unhinged, animalistic and traditional masculine side.

SKYND - Heaven's Gate

"Impressive" is how we would describe SKYND. The idea, the aesthetic, the music, the outfit, the videos. It's just wow... and "Heaven's Gate" is no exception. Do you dare to listen to her songs about mass murderers?

Landon Conrath - Overrated

We're happy Minneapolis songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Landon Conrath switched the drums for a microphone & guitar and writes his own catchy indie-pop bangers now!

ÄTNA - Lucky Dancer

ÄTNA - an experimental electro-pop duo from Dresden, Germany - return with a new song, "Lucky Dancer" and announce their album coming in October, followed by a tour through Germany! The track is accompanied by a socio-critical video.

Corella - Head Underwater

Another indie-pop sensation from the UK that we just discovered are Corella. "Head Underwater" is a powerful track that can be experienced live on their "Once Upon a Weekend" tour in May. Don't miss out!

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys - Rooms

Having just played The New Colossus and SXSW, Berlin-based Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys released "Rooms" earlier this month. It's the first song off of the new album "A Human Home" which is based on poems, sketches, and different artistic expressions from friends and family exploring their experience of isolation.

Tom Tom Park - Air Balloon

Tom Tom Park give a first foretaste of the summer with their latest single "Air Balloon", a song about quickly realizing a new relationship isn’t going to work out at all. This time the vocals come from Shaun it is.


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