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NEW MUSIC | February 2024

Welcome to our monthly roundup, where we bring you a curated selection of the hottest releases, featuring both rising talents and established artists. Get ready to explore, discover, and immerse yourself in the melodies that define the month. Weekly updated.

Check out our "Release of the Day":

Wotts - Petals

Indie pop duo Wotts from Canada release the final song off of their EP "Petals". The whole record tells a story about unrequited love, and "Petals" in particular is about realizing it was never meant to be.

Boston Manor - Container

Boston Manor return with their latest single "Container" and announce tour dates in April!

Sabrina Rex - By The River

17-year old Sabrina Rex delivers a heart-wrenching indie folk track with her latest release "By The River".

Others - Lose It

Others' mission is straightforward: to stop overthinking and simply release what feels good and we're glad "Lose It" did see the light of day!.

Treehouse - Clique

We heard, that Treehouse have become known for their beer soaked, mosh pit filled live shows and now we're curious! So if anyone wants to photograph them at sometime, give us a shout, we would love to share the pictures! Until then, check our their catchy punk anthem "Clique".

The Early Swerve - We Take Our Time

Hailing from London, The Early Swerve keep the old days alive with their vintage alt rock track "We Take Our Time" which was recorded fully analogue.

Kiksio & Skili - All For You

Austrian solo artists Kiksio and Skili take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride with their latest track "All For You".

Casinos - Inescapable

"Inescapable" by Casino is an upbeat song about the toxicity of lingering feelings after a break up. Who can relate?

The New Nostalgia - A Fridge In Berlin

British four-piece The New Nostalgia release "A Fridge In Berlin", an all-out aggressive alt-rock rager about the downsides of leaving your hometown in pursuit of big city dreams. Who can relate?

Ghostly Kisses - Keep It Real

Ghostly Kisses returns with "Keep It Real". Lyrically dark, but musically with slightly more pop elements than usual. It's the third track off of her sophomore album "Darkroom", coming this May.

CLT DRP - Until You Showed Me

Brighton-based feminist electro-punk trio CLT DRP release new song "Until You Showed Me" and cause we couldn't say it better than vocalist Annie Dorrett: "This song is a little ode to the queers and anyone who strays from the binary in any way small or large. Break the wall from either side, that's how we get 'em to listen.”.

Tara Nome Doyle - Mater Nostra

It's always surprising how a song can touch your heart when you don't even understand the lyrics. "Mater Nostra" by Tara Nome Doyle is definitely one of those songs!

HAVVK - Take It From Me

HAVVKs "Take It From Me" is a takedown of the cartoonish scenarios of men speaking over women and taking credit for their ideas. Make sure to catch them live in Ireland & the UK end of March!

Sayana - Nobody Needs To Know

Dark, yet playful, ‘Nobody Needs to Know’ by Sayana explores the excitement and intrigue of starting a new relationship in secret.

iies. - Wings

Denver-based band iies. released a very exciting mix of jazz, hip-hop and rock with "Wings" and we can't wait to hear more!

BOCCE - Asterisk

We don't know how they found us, but we're so happy they did! Tasmanian five-piece collective BOCCE release their latest single "Asterisk" and instantly lift our mood with massive driving guitars.

tiger del flor - james dean

"james dean" by Hollywood-based tiger del flor has this beautiful nostalgic vibe that draws you into the Golden Age era of excess & glamour and makes us curious about the other tracks on her debut EP "see me in hell".

WRKHOUSE - Getaway

"Getaway" is one of the most stunning debut tracks we heard in a while! With its soaring synths and raging drums, this hard-hitting alt-pop track sets a strong sonic blueprint for what’s to come from WRKHOUSE.

Talk Show - Effigy

In a time where a lot of bands only release single after single we somehow didn't expect an album from London-based band Talk Show, but here it is and it is great! We recommend checking out the album on UK's and Europe's stages next month!

Tusks - Strangers

We just can't get enough of Tusks! With "Strangers", London-based Emily Underhill released another dreamy track that soothes the soul. Tusks is currently supporting Tinlicker on their "Cold Enough For Snow" album tour in Europe.

Lizzy McAlpine - Older

The very beautiful and touching piano-track "Older" by Lizzy McAlpine is the title track of her third studio album "Older" coming April 5th.

Long Island - Homewrecker

"homewrecker" by Huddersfield based indie-pop outfit Long Island is a punchy rock-tinged anti-Valentines Day track.

Healer - Wake Me Up

Alt-Indie quintet Healer from Grimsby, England refuse to be ignored and to be fair, they're doing a pretty good job cause we cannot ignore their latest banger "Wake Me Up" and so shouldn't you!

Mary Middlefield - Heart's Desire

Vulnerable voice telling a painful story. "Heart's Desire" by Swiss singer Mary Middlefield is not a love song, it's about "knowingly falling for someone who’s manipulating you and inappropriately older than you". Heavy topic, yet a wonderful song.

The Rolling People - I'll Be There

We fell in love with Stockton based The Rolling People from the first note and now just pretend the song is about us :D Jokes aside, this song has everything: soaring guitars, a raw energy and an easy to sing-along chorus that you won't get out of your head!

Kiesza & Sugar Jesus - Heaven Ain't Calling

If you also feel like dancing, we recommend turning up "Heaven Ain't Calling" by Canadian electro-pop artist Kiesza who collaborated with house music producer Sugar Jesus on this dance track!

Sleeping Together - Daisy (Marc Jacobs)

We're a sucker for indie rock and hooked by Sleeping Together's latest track "Daisy", which was "inspired by the Marc Jacobs fragrance, exploring the power of scent in evoking memories of an ex-lover". They're also playing a sold-out headline show in Liverpool next month.

Sissy Green - Old and New (feat. godsfavoritecharacters)

"Old and New" is the debut single from Sheffield-based producer Sissy Green. But Sissy Green is not new new, it's the very promising hyper-pop project from the bass player of noise-punk band Drastic//Automatic.

The Cliffords - Sleeping With Ghosts

The Cliffords are an indie rock/ pop band from Cork, Ireland and we instantly fell in love with their latest track "Sleeping With Ghosts". Their music has a unique indie rock sound, fusing blasting trumpets, sweet vocal melodies and soaring guitar riffs.

The Last Dinner Party - Prelude to Ecstasy

Do we even have to say anything about this banger of an album? You've probably all been eagerly waiting for it anyway... British indie rock band The Last Dinner Party didn't win the BBC Sound of 2024 award. for nothing. So check it out if you haven't already. And good news: they're currently on tour!

Keaper - Alone

4-piece shoegaze outfit, Keaper from Melbourne / Naarm kick off the new year with cathartic new single "Alone" and we're already counting down the days till they drop the album "Waking Dream" (out March 8th).

teepee - baby soul

Czech indie folk / dream pop band teepee are back with their soothing harmonies!


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