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RELEASE OF THE DAY | "Sistrionix 2.0" by Deap Vally

We're usually not a fan of re-recorded albums, BUT, we discovered Deap Vally after they released "Sistrionix" in 2013 AND they're going to play the album in it's entirety on a worldwide farewell tour. So guess those are reasons enough to feature "Sistrionix 2.0" here!

"Sistrionix 2.0" is a triumph of unapologetic rock, solidifying Deap Vally's place in the modern rock scene. Lindsey Troy's powerhouse vocals and searing guitar, paired with Julie Edwards' thunderous drums, create a relentless sonic force. From the blistering opener "End of the World" to the anthemic closer "Sistrionix," the duo navigates through rock, punk, and blues with a refreshing clarity.

In a press statement they say: "SISTRIONIX is just classic Deap Vally. It’s so pure and raw. It really encapsulates an era — an era of dank, yeasty backstage rooms across the UK, of the endorphin rush of that first wave of success, of youthful drunken, wild nights, of the worldly adventures and the newness of it all."

As we haven't experienced them live yet, we are thrilled they will play as many places as possible. Starting in the US this week and finishing with a UK / EU leg in May and June. Tickets on sale now!

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