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MUST-SEES | Live at Leeds in the Park 2024

Live at Leeds in the Park is a music festival held in Leeds, UK, featuring a diverse lineup of indie, rock, and alternative artists. The festival is an outdoor extension of the well-established Live at Leeds city festival, which has been a staple in the city's music scene since 2007. Live at Leeds in the Park provides a platform for both emerging and established acts, offering a vibrant atmosphere for music enthusiasts to enjoy live performances across multiple stages. The event is known for its energetic crowds and eclectic mix of performers, making it a highlight of the summer festival season in the region.


Declan McKenna, the indie-pop wunderkind, is set to deliver a performance that will be both thought-provoking and irresistibly catchy. Known for his breakout hit "Brazil" and the critically acclaimed album "Zeros," McKenna blends infectious melodies with lyrics that tackle social and political themes. His energetic stage presence and engaging performance style make him a highlight of any festival. Prepare to be captivated by his charismatic charm and anthemic tunes.

For those craving a dose of raw, unfiltered rock, The Mysterines are a must-see. This Liverpool-based quartet has been turning heads since their formation in 2017, thanks to their powerful sound and dynamic performances. Fronted by the formidable Lia Metcalfe, their music combines elements of grunge, alternative rock, and punk. Their debut album, "Reeling," showcases their ability to craft intense and memorable tracks. Expect an electrifying set that will leave you wanting more.

The Clause, with their retro-inspired rock sound, offer a fresh take on classic rock and roll. Their music is filled with catchy riffs, driving beats, and an undeniable swagger. Known for their engaging live shows, The Clause bring a confident and charismatic presence to the stage. Their set is sure to be a crowd-pleaser, filled with tracks that will have everyone moving.

Sprints, hailing from Dublin, bring a refreshing burst of energy with their post-punk sound. Known for their fierce lyrics and driving rhythms, the band's raw and unapologetic style resonates with audiences looking for authenticity and intensity. Their latest EP, "Manifesto," has garnered critical acclaim, solidifying their place as a rising star in the indie music scene. Their live shows are known for their high energy and unrelenting pace—don’t miss out.

Good Neighbours are quickly making a name for themselves with their blend of indie rock and pop sensibilities. Their catchy hooks and heartfelt lyrics create anthems that are both relatable and memorable. With a sound that balances upbeat rhythms and introspective themes, their set promises to be a feel-good highlight of the festival. Keep an ear out for standout tracks that are sure to become new favorites.

Seb Lowe is a singer-songwriter who brings a unique storytelling quality to his music. With a knack for blending folk influences with modern sensibilities, his songs are both poignant and catchy. Seb’s introspective lyrics and melodic guitar work create an intimate atmosphere that draws listeners in. His live performances are known for their sincerity and emotional depth, making him a must-see at the festival.

Lucia & The Best Boys are set to bring a touch of glam and grit to the stage. Their sound is a captivating mix of indie rock and synth-pop, characterized by Lucia Fairfull’s powerful vocals and the band's tight instrumentation. Their recent releases have been praised for their polished production and infectious energy. Expect a dynamic set that will have you dancing and singing along.


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