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PODCAST | Taking Over The Photo Pit

"Taking Over The Photo Pit" by Los Angeles based photographer Boston Schulz was the first music photography related podcast we were listening to and the first one that featured our very own Chux On Tour Photography. Therefore, and because Boston makes talking to all these badass women sound so effortless, TOTPP holds a special place in our hearts!

Hey Boston, can you give our readers a brief introduction about yourself and your podcast “Taking Over The Photo Pit”?

Thank you for featuring me & “Taking Over The Photo Pit”! As a really quick intro of myself, I’m a music photographer based in Los Angeles with about 8+ years of experience in the music industry, mostly focused on working with publications and local musicians. I started the podcast “Taking Over The Photo Pit” as an interview series where I ask all the questions I want to know about other photographer’s careers and their accomplishments, goals, setbacks and everything in between. I think the podcast is almost like an audio mentor telling you all the mistakes they made so you don’t make them. Definitely a lot of information packed in each episode, including different perspectives and routes to show that everyone and anyone can make their own way in this industry!

When and why did you start the podcast?

I actually started a series interviewing female photographers back in 2018. I wanted to make it a YouTube video series, but it was really overwhelming for me to keep up with and once the pandemic hit I was really limited on what I could do. So I switched over to chatting with photographers online, scrapping the video concept completely and switching 100% to the podcast.

I really wanted to create a community supporting female and non-binary photographers and make sure their voices are heard. I’ve realized throughout my career that I’ve learned so much from simply speaking to other photographers, so I wanted to help other people learn that information and have a place to go for their questions. Also, I wanted to make sure that conversations were being had about topics that people don’t normally talk about: ageism, sexism, racism, and other biases in the industry. By talking about issues, it helps people feel less alone, know what to do and how to handle these problems, and drive awareness & change to people causing the issues. All in all, I really wanted to talk about everything music photography related and help others grow in the industry.

How/Where do you find the people for your podcast?

Mostly on Instagram and Twitter! I have a long and still growing list of amazing photographers; where I come across their shots on IG or Twitter and make a note to feature them. Then I reach out to see if they’re interested in the podcast. Also, I’m always down for recommendations! So if someone wants to recommend their friend or even theirself, I’m open to including people that way too!

What was your favorite/most fun episode and why?

Honestly, I couldn’t pick. There have been so many great ones. I’ve already been able to sit down with a handful of photographers that I admire, which blows my mind, and I’ve been able to talk to people across the world about their experiences. Every episode is an honor for me!!

On a side note, if you want to listen to episodes where we talk about everything and anything, check out either the episode with Kristy Rose or with Tammy Vega. Both times, we talked for a long time and went off on some weird tangents...those two were very fun!!

What did you learn from talking to all the people and/or from making a podcast in general?

SO MANY THINGS EVERY EPISODE!! I’ve learned new tips to editing & different tools/software to use. I’ve learned about different must-have items for festivals or touring gigs. I’ve learned about different ways to get your images noticed by ‘big names’ in the industry. Every single episode and person I talk to, I learn something new!

For creating a podcast in general, it takes a lot more dedication that I initially thought. So much of my time is spent in research finding people to talk to and what to talk about. I love it, but it can be overwhelming. For anyone interested in making their own podcast, just be aware of the behind-the-scenes times that you’ll need to put in. But I promise, it’ll all be worth it!

Who would be your dream guest on your podcast and why?

A dream would be any female or non-binary photographer of A-List level touring musicians. I think there are quite a few photographers that people look up to as “goals”, and I would love to feature them to ask how they got to where they are today.

If you picture your ideal listener, what type of person would that be?

Probably someone who is younger or just recently breaking into the music industry. I often ask people on their tips for getting started as a music photographer, so the podcast content is more geared towards newer photographers in the industry. That being said, I think supporting and listening to other photographers is how we all grow, so I think everyone should listen!!

Which podcasts do you listen to?

Also, for random business tips, I highly recommend ‘The Goal Digger Podcast’...not music related, but important information for every business owner!





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