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NEW MUSIC | April 2024

Welcome to our monthly roundup, where we bring you a curated selection of the hottest releases, featuring both rising talents and established artists. Get ready to explore, discover, and immerse yourself in the melodies that define the month. Weekly updated.

House of Protection - It's Supposed to Hurt

Aric Improta of Night Verses and Stephen Harrison of The Chariot unveil House of Protection, their latest project joining Red Bull Records after leaving Fever 333. Their debut single, 'It’s Supposed To Hurt,' produced by Jordan Fish of Bring Me The Horizon, blends punk, electronic, and hardcore influences. The duo aims to create a haven for uninhibited self-expression, echoing influences from Massive Attack to The Prodigy. With a DIY spirit and a commitment to pushing boundaries, House of Protection promises an exhilarating journey into the unknown.

No Windows - Small Flashing Light

Edinburgh duo No Windows, known for their award-winning sound, unveils their latest single, "Small Flashing Light," alongside news of their upcoming EP, "Point Nemo," set to release on May 3rd via Fat Possum. The track, accompanied by a visualizer shot in the picturesque Lake District, captures the essence of platonic love and friendship amidst darker themes.

DEADLETTER - Mere Mortal

DEADLETTER announces their debut album "Hysterical Strength" set to release on September 13th via SO Recordings, alongside the unveiling of lead single 'Mere Mortal' and a lineup of new UK and EU headline tour dates. "Mere Mortal" offers a glimpse into the band's exploratory art-punk, navigating themes of personal tragedy and loss. Frontman Zac Lawrence describes the song as a relatable tale of grief, aiming to navigate the confusing landscape of bereavement.

The Neighbourhood Watch - Lifeline

Toronto's The Neighbourhood Watch, known for their folk-infused indie rock, are gearing up for their fourth album release. Their latest single, "Lifeline," is a personal reflection on lead vocalist Tristan Surman's battle with a chronic auto-immune disease. The track offers a poignant glimpse into Surman's journey of acceptance and resilience in the face of adversity.

Moonshine Heavies - Idiot

Moonshine Heavies are a six-piece rock 'n' roll band hailing from London. Their latest track, 'Idiot,' blends ska-infused melodies with retro vocals and captures the frustration of dealing with deceit, building to a punk-inspired crescendo.

IDER - Girl

IDER are finally back! "Girl" is a joyful celebration of femininity's many sides. From soft to fierce, gentle to powerful, the song embraces them all. It embodies the freedom found in the company of loved ones, disregarding outside opinions.

Camens - Sleep Patterns Repeating

Camens' latest single combines catchy choruses and infectious guitar licks. With its powerful lyricism and signature rock sound, "Sleep Patterns Repeating" serves as an anthem for those facing sleepless nights.

The Trusted - Self Destruct

"Self Destruct" by The Trusted is a dynamic anthem of self-sabotage, blending catchy rhythms and punchy punk rock vibes with a pop twist.

Northern Captives - Living In-Between

"Living In-Between" is a dynamic alt-rock song characterized by pulsating drums, which creatively veers into indie rock, pop, and emo territories, resulting in a composition that reaches its climax with an anthemic chorus.

FIVER - I Ain't With You

FIVER's new single 'I Ain't With You' offers a defiant yet melancholic take on fractured relationships, featuring reverb-heavy guitars and upfront lyrics reminiscent of post-punk.

Pales - 1518

The Strasbourg quintet Pales create an exciting mix of noise rock and techno and are back with their latest single "1518". We learned that the title echoes the dance fever that broke out in Strasbourg in July 1518 and now we spent half a day researching history while listening to Pales in the background and trying not to dance the rest of the day away.

The Rolling People - Before It's Gone

The Rolling People, a band from Stockport, UK, blend classic rock with indie and 90s alternative influences, crafting emotionally-charged songs like their latest single "Before It's Gone," praised for its infectious energy and soaring guitars, setting the stage for their upcoming EP and UK tour dates.

Hazlett - Bones Shake

Hazlett, an Australian-born folk artist now based in Sweden, captivates audiences with his heartfelt music that balances nostalgia with raw emotion, offering rare live performances and storytelling that invite listeners to join him on a journey of longing and hope.

Kynsy - Money

Dublin's indie sensation, Kynsy, renowned for her genre-blending anthems and authentic charm, has joined the esteemed label Nice Swan Records. Her latest track "Money" continues to showcase her talent for crafting disarming indie music, drawing praise from NME for its gritty yet glamorous sound.

Acid Tongue - Hollywood Ending

Acid Tongue, an American garage band heavily influenced by classic soul, punk and psychedelic rock, are back with a very personal song. "Hollywood Ending" delves into the disillusionment of romanticized expectations and the harsh reality of shattered dreams, especially as one faces the challenges of aging and loss.

Prisma - Something To Respond To

PRISMA's album "Something To Respond To" is a vibrant reflection of the chaos of modern times, with sisters Sirid and Frida Møl Kristensen delivering 11 tracks that explore themes of identity and hope amidst uncertainty. Their unique blend of multicolored noise pop and angelic harmonies creates an immersive sonic experience.

Wild Horse - Keep On Moving Up

Wild Horse released their latest single "Keep On Moving Up", a jazzy funk pop epic explores the daily grind of the career-driven.

PostLast - Connect 4

While one part of our beloved HAVVK is venturing into the electronica scene (see below), the other one is turning to indie pop. Irish duo PostLast release their debut single "Connect 4" which is about the joy and fragility of making friends as a grown up.

Birthday Problem - Daylight (feat. Runah)

Birthday Problem is a collaborative electronica project from Matt Harris (HAVVK) and Rocky O’Reilly (ASIWYFA) and their latest single "Daylight" features Irish singer-songwriter Runah. It's such a chill and captivating track and we can't wait to see who they'll have next on the vocals and hope this also means Runah will return with her own music soon.

Tusks - Gold

To celebrate the release of the new album 'Gold', Tusks will be playing some intimate gigs in the UK from tomorrow, which seems fitting given the album's personal reflection on transition and growth.

STONE - My Thoughts Go

Liverpool quartet STONE release new track "My Thoughts Go" and announce their debut album "Fear Life For A Lifetime" for July 12th. And while we were desperately waiting for a tour, they announced that they'll only be playing 4 in-store gigs this summer.

The Mysterines - Sink Ya Teeth

British alt-rock band The Mysterines released another track from their upcoming album "Afraid of Tomorrow" and singer Lia says "Sink Ya Teeth is a testament to the brutality of real love". And we can't wait to hear these songs live when they'll be touring the UK & EU in October and November.

Corella - Lady Messiah

Manchester's Corella blend gorgeously tropical indie-pop tones with emotive lyricism and their live shows are supposed to be stunning. So count us in!

Chloe Hawes - Remains/Reminders

Chloe Hawes’ unique, transatlantic, sound combines modern British folk with the cinematic sentimentality of classic Americana and a punk rock outlook. The album spans break-ups, a mental health crisis, a terrible year in Berlin, queer love and the anti-sexualisation and anti-commodification of queer people. And above all, it's super catchy.

Sakawa Boys - Out of the Dark

Cape Town-based quartet Sakawa Boys return after 8 years with the very fitting title "Out of the Dark". A mix of post-punk, indie, shoegaze and pop that makes us long for a tour announcement.

Annie Taylor - Perfect Pretender

Busy bees Annie Taylor return with another single that hits hard! And the video for "Perfect Pretender" was shot by Sven Probst while he was on tour with the band in the US during SXSW this year.

Cameron Ferguson - Card Machine

With lush synth sounds and cutting vocals, "Card Machine" by Cameron Ferguson is a song for freedom and against that soul-sucking 9-5 life.

Francesca Everly - Flight Risk

"Flight Risk" by Francesca Everly is a catchy folk pop song that narrates the unwanted 9am alarms and 12pm therapy sessions.

The Exhales - kick the chair

"kick the chair" by The Exhales, an alternative rock band hailing from Scotland, captivated us with its catchy melodic hooks, harrowing lyrics, and aggressive drum beats.

Sofia Portanet - Chasing Dreams

Sometimes all you need to brighten your mood is to listen to a multi-lingual and pure pop album, right? Berlin-based songstress Sofia Portanet releases her sophomore album "Chasing Dreams" and tours Germany end of the month!


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