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MUST-SEES | London Calling 2024

Get ready for the beating heart of Amsterdam's music scene - the London Calling festival. Held at the iconic Paradiso venue, this electrifying event showcases the best in indie, rock, and alternative music. With a lineup curated to push boundaries and ignite passion, London Calling promises an unforgettable journey through the sounds of today and tomorrow. Dive into our guide for the acts you can't afford to miss at this year's festival.


Lia Metcalfe, lead singer of The Mysterines, brings a wealth of musical influences to her emotionally intense songwriting. Raised in Liverpool, her distinctive voice and darkly humorous lyrics shine on the band's debut album, 'Reeling,' which explores life's complexities with depth and insight.


Psymon Spine, originating from Brooklyn, blends psychedelic pop with dance rhythms to create an accessible yet intricately layered sound. Drawing from influences like disco and early techno, Psymon Spine infuses their music with unexpected twists and rich synth textures, carving out a distinct space in the realm of electronic experimentation.


Harrison Patrick Smith is the driving force behind The Dare, captivating New York City with their electroclash revival. Blending late 2000s bloghouse vibes with a post-COVID twist, The Dare's anthemic tunes exude cheekiness and irresistible energy. Harrison's music embodies fun, danger, and style, making it a perfect fit for the city's club scene.


Melbourne's vibrant music scene has birthed yet another gem: The Belair Lip Bombs. Fresh off the release of their debut album 'Lush Life', this quartet is making waves with their infectious indie-pop melodies and irresistible guitar hooks. With just 10 tracks, 'Lush Life' takes listeners on a journey of desires and self-discovery, offering a breezy yet deeply satisfying musical experience.


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