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MUST-SEES | Focus Wales 2024

Get Ready for FOCUS Wales, the ultimate celebration of emerging talent in the Welsh and global music scene. Now in its 14th year, this multi-venue showcase festival in Wrexham attracts over 20,000 music lovers. With 250+ artists from around the world performing across 20 stages, plus interactive industry sessions, arts events, and film screenings, FOCUS Wales promises an unforgettable experience from May 9th to May 11th, 2024. Don't miss out on discovering the next big names in music!


The Mysterines, led by the dynamic Lia Metcalfe, deliver a blend of raw energy and introspective songwriting. Influenced by icons like PJ Harvey and Patti Smith, their performances leave a lasting impression. Having experienced their live shows and thoroughly enjoyed their electrifying presence, we eagerly anticipate their debut album 'Reeling'.

With distorted guitars, relentless rhythms and spoken word-like vocals, the Northern Irish post-punk / electronic trio Chalk from Belfast shouldn't be missed!

Sailor Honeymoon emerged from the collaboration between photographer Abi Raymaker and techno DJ Zaeeun Shin. Their vision materialized during jam sessions with friends, where their noisy, improvised performances sparked with chemistry. In a country known for meticulously manufactured talent, their spontaneous approach offers a refreshing rebellion.

WRKHOUSE, formerly known as 'Lewys', blend gliding melodies with groove-heavy guitars and drums, crafting atmospheric and intelligent songs. With sold-out shows across prominent venues, WRKHOUSE has built a devoted fanbase eagerly anticipating their bilingual songwriting debut.

Home Counties, formed by childhood friends from a Buckinghamshire village, embodies shared experiences and camaraderie. Combining insightful lyrics with an evolving musical style that embraces synths and catchy hooks, the sextet prioritizes creating fun and danceable tunes.

HOURGLVSS, an alternative pop ensemble originating from Wales, crafts music that resides at the intersection of fantasy and reality, weaving mesmerizing narratives of love and loss. Their hypnotic vocals and intoxicating harmonies captivate listeners, while their music effortlessly traverses the realms of pop and clubland, evoking a compelling sense of groove and drama.

Fat Dog, hailing from London's bustling music scene, honed their craft at the iconic Windmill venue. Emerging during the pandemic, their music embodies a raw, social discontent evident in gritty vocals and provocative songwriting. Their sound blends distorted rock, punk energy, and futuristic synths with driving rhythms, creating a dynamic fusion that captures the essence of modern rebellion.

Akine, originally from Kyiv, Ukraine, now thrives in London, showcasing resilience and adaptability. The pandemic sparked a musical transformation towards indie and rock. Amid Ukraine-Russia conflict, Nicole relocated to France, later moving to London with guitarist Anastasiia. Together, they formed the core of Akine, joined by bassist Slava and drummer Jamie, creating a vibrant fusion of influences.

La Sécurité from Montréal/Tiohtià:ke delivers a unique blend of art punk, mixing jumpy beats, off-kilter arrangements, and minimalistic hooks. With experience touring alongside various projects, they now explore the edges of punk, new wave, and krautrock.

Wrexham’s own The Royston Club will play their biggest show to date and celebrate the success of their debut album, "Shaking Hips and Crashing Cars".


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