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GALLERY & REVIEW | Good Neighbours by Chux On Tour Photography

Berlin, Germany – June 10, 2024 –The intimate space of Badehaus in Berlin played host to an electrifying evening of music, headlined by London's own Good Neighbours with support from the soulful James Smith. The show promised a night of vibrant energy and raw emotion, and it certainly delivered.

The evening kicked off with a stirring acoustic set from James Smith. Known for his rich, velvety voice and heartfelt lyrics, Smith's stripped-down performance allowed his vocal prowess to shine. Smith’s set was intimate and engaging, his easy banter creating a warm rapport with the audience. He also humorously admitted that the only German word he remembered was "Naturwissenschaften", which means "natural sciences". And for one song, Smith invited the audience to sing the choir parts, creating a beautiful and unified sound that filled the venue.

James Smith at Badehaus, Berlin

Hailing from London, the indie pop band Good Neighbours has been making waves with their compelling blend of catchy hooks and thoughtful lyrics. Despite having only released two songs to date, their growing reputation is a testament to their dynamic live performances and infectious energy.

Good Neighbours at Badehaus, Berlin

Good Neighbours delivered a set that, while fairly short at only 45 minutes, was packed with fun and danceable tracks. Frontman Oli Fox's vocals were both commanding and vulnerable, a perfect match for the band’s lush instrumentation. The set was predominantly composed of unreleased tracks, giving the audience a sneak peek into the band's creative direction.

And of course they played their song "Home", a track that has become something of an anthem for their fans. The crowd sang along, their voices merging with the band’s in a powerful crescendo that left everyone buzzing.


All photos by © Chux On Tour Photography


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