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YOUR STORY | Favorite Picture of 2022

2023 is already over a month old... time to look back at 2022! We asked you to share your favorite picture of 2022 and you delivered! Check out these 8 pictures and stories submitted by our community! And make sure to follow us on Instagram to be part of the next YOUR STORY edition!

I grew up listening to Swedish House Mafia, but when they announced their split in 2012, I thought I'd never get the chance to see them. Fast Forward to 2022, they announce their arena world tour and I managed to grab some tickets. I never even dreamt of getting the chance to photograph them, but being a fan at a show was more than enough.

A few months prior, in the summer of 2022, I began shooting live music. I was, and still am, very new to the music industry, but after experiencing their show as a fan I spent days finding the right contacts so I could apply for a photo pass even though I knew my chances were slim.

24 hours before their final UK show in Birmingham, I got approved to shoot from front of house. A dream. Not only am I shooting an act that I grew up listening to, it's my first shoot in an arena. A 400 mile round trip for 10 minutes at FOH, but those 10 minutes were euphoric.

This photo was taken at the Mark Etess Arena in Atlantic City, NJ.

I first got into concert photography when I went to a Greta Van Fleet concert in Los Angeles. Seeing the cameras in the photo pit really hit hard in a time in my life where I was confused on where I saw myself in 5 years. It was like a reality check. I had spoken to a lot of other photographers to ask them for tips, tricks and how their journey to their success treated them. I kept hearing "shoot local shows," "go to random concerts that don't need photo passes," etc. I think every beginner photographer can admit that hearing that can be discouraging, but I was so motivated to go from point A to point B, I knew exactly what I needed to do. After hearing multiple stories, I made a bucket list of what I wanted to achieve in 6 months. One of those planned achievements I had written down was to photograph Greta Van Fleet to live the fantasy I had to photograph the band over a year prior. I had seen them in concert multiple times and always took pictures of them on my iPhone. I knew I needed to work my way up and learn as I go. I went to tons of small venue shows, seeing what works and what doesn't work, learning my way around harsh lighting and other photography complications you face at basically every show you attend.

Show after show, I finally felt confident enough to apply for a photopass for the band. When I got the news that I was accepted to photograph them, I was so excited to swap out my iPhone for my Canon and have the honor of shooting for them. Looking back, achieving this in a span of 6 months since getting my own camera is crazy, and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities I had that led up to that moment. I know it was my hard work and dedication that got me to point B, but I wouldn't have been able to do it with other women in the music photography industry that spoke with me with open arms.

I think the huge message of this all is to just do it. I was super intimidated to message people and ask for advice. I was super intimidated to even start photography. But, with the right head and motivation, you can really get from point A to point B in a heartbeat.

My name is Kyle Burgess I’m a photographer based in Glasgow and this is my fave image of 2022.

I took it in November at the Barrowlands market Glasgow and it is part of a promo shoot for a new single by singer songwriter Alannah Moar, I was approached by Alannah to work on some photography for her as I am trying to break into this area, I want to work with artists to create work that can be used in conjunction with a release, this includes live, behind the scenes, promo and artwork for singles etc.

Alannah trusted me with this and that is why this image is special to me as she’s the first to offer me a chance to work long term with an artist and work on everything I mentioned above for her and her music, in my style and that means a lot, it is also the first final edited image I presented to her and she couldn’t have been happier :)

Anyway I’m genuinely super proud of this shot and I hope you dig it too!

This photo of Remington Leith of Palaye Royale is my favorite photo of 2022 because it felt like a turning point in my photography and how i approach my photos. While the rest of the photographers were on the others side of the pit taking photos of Remington, he navigated his way across the stage to my camera and i was able to get this shot.

This is my favorite picture from 2022. It was the first Deep Purple concert without Steve Morse and with the new guitarist Simon Mc Bride. Everything was perfect - the location in Halle/Saale - Peißnitzinsel, the weather, the crowd and of course the glorious band. I love it, i hope you too?

Alex Henry Foster came to bring his passion on stage. I never felt so much connection between an artist and the crowed. It was simply magic. It figured out that Alex‘ heart is pretty damaged and he is actually waiting for a surgery right now. I keep all my fingers crossed these days.

Here is my favorite photo I took in 2022. It was the Deftones performing at the Anthem in D.C. . The reason why this photo is one of my favorite from that year was because I really enjoy the angle, the lighting and I can feel the energy from their show in this photo. I’ve been a long time fan of the band. I’m just so glad to have live music back and I get to photograph amazing bands.

Ah, what a night. Everyone knows that feeling; getting ready to go front row to your favourite modern rock band. A band that it definitely feels surreal to have a media pass to, but here you go. Canadian Rock band, The Glorious Sons took the stage in Regina, Saskatchewan on their “The Unfinished Business” tour in June of 2022. Frontman Brett Emmons had the crowd captured from the first few seconds he hit the stage opening with a solo acoustic performance right before bringing the rest of the band forward. The crowd sang along to every song & danced to their heart's content. I didn’t see a single person still sitting in their seat on the floor of the Conexus Arts Centre.

Emmons holds his microphone out to the crowd, enticing them to keep singing along, recognizing the incredible energy they were giving back to him. I think to this day, after my now 4 years of professionally shooting live music, is my favourite part. When one person's art touches another person. That’s all artists dream about, that’s what we strive for whether we’re in front of the camera or behind it. This photo holds a special place in my heart. It showcases true connection and emotion between performer and crowd. Anyone can take a technically sound, aesthetically pleasing photo but finding the special moments in a live music setting makes a good photo, great.

Following the set, I got the stellar opportunity to go backstage to meet the bands with my friends in local Regina band ‘Dead Levee’. It was a night filled with laughter, comradery and networking. Discussing with The Glorious Sons band members about the energy of the show, I learnt that they had so much fun they played about 30 extra minutes. Obviously it wasn’t the biggest show of their career, but art and human connection prevailed that night. Being there to capture it changed my photo career in 2022 drastically. If anyone tells you that you should never meet your Rock N Roll heroes, they are wrong.



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