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We're starting a blog!

"Another blog?" you might think and roll your eyes? Yes, it is another blog. But we hope we'll bring you some new and interesting stories! SHOWGRAPHERS is going to showcase music photographers, interview musicians about music photography and feature networks, podcasts, blogs and festivals. And the best thing? You can get involved! Read below to find out how you can take part and what we have planned in detail.

We believe that there is much more value in letting people tell their own stories rather than having a few people write about other people's art and stories. That's why we decided to focus on interviews and also give you the opportunity to contribute to this blog. For now we have the following topics planned, but as we are always looking to improve and grow, we are open to suggestions and guest authors!

Photographers & Videographers

No surprise! Of course we gonna interview music photographers and videographers. Often we're literally behind the camera, just the person who captured a moment and everyone's talking about or with the artist in the picture. We bring you to the center of attention so we can all learn from each other and get inspired by fellow photographers!


Our favourite photo subjects are musicians, wether it be on or off stage. And we're probably all constantly searching for new faces to work with. So we wanna introduce you to up and coming bands and musicians. Some of them have been working very closely with a specific photographer, others might be looking for someone to shoot their next album cover. Anyway, we hope you'll discover new music and enjoy the stories they have to tell.

Networks & Communities

What drives us at SHOWGRAPHERS is to help people. We want you to make genuine connections. Be it between photographers, musicians or other people from the music business. And we're not alone! There are so many networks, global and local communities, Instagram accounts, Facebook groups or Discord Channels out there that want to connect and empower music photographers and musicians, that support you and provide helpful information. We will find them and talk to the people who founded those networks or are part of one.


Especially in the last year a lot of podcasts about the music industry popped up. Podcasts are such a great way to get insights into the music (photography) business and to learn from other professionals. We will speak to the people who run podcasts and hope you'll discover new fellows and get some helpful tips.


Lots of you probably have worked with a blog at least once in your career. But maybe some of you are currently looking for blogs or magazines to work with. Or maybe it's the other way around and a blog is searching for photographers. Anyway, we're sure all of you appreciate a good blog that focuses on music photography or features a lot of live music.


Who loves festivals as much as we do? Yes, preparing for a festival and running from one gig to another can be really stressful (let alone all the editing!) but shooting so many different artists a day is just the best feeling ever! We want you to discover new indie festivals through our blog and to learn more about the people and processes behind a festival. Scanning festival line ups is also a very good way to find up and coming artists who might be up for a photo shoot when they're in town anyway.

Your Story

Last but not least, we want to hear your stories! Once a month we will give you a question or topic and you can submit your thoughts. We will then choose a few answers and compile a blog post. You can look forward to fun and informative questions and we can't wait to read and share what you have to say!


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