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NEW MUSIC | May 2024

Welcome to our monthly roundup, where we bring you a curated selection of the hottest releases, featuring both rising talents and established artists. Get ready to explore, discover, and immerse yourself in the melodies that define the month. Weekly updated.

Make sure to check out our "Release of the Day":

Annie Taylor - In Your Head

Hailing from Switzerland, Annie Taylor deliver a vibrant blend of grunge and indie rock with "In Your Head", characterized by powerful guitar riffs and raw, emotive vocals. The track's dynamic energy and catchy hooks make it an instant standout.

Hazlett - The First Train Home

Hazlett's "The First Train Home" is a poignant folk-pop ballad that beautifully showcases his storytelling skills. The gentle acoustic arrangement and Hazlett's heartfelt vocals create an intimate atmosphere. It's a reflective and soothing track that resonates with themes of longing and return. And furthermore he just announced his very first EU & UK headline tour for November & December.

The Gluts - Bang!

Italy's The Gluts unleash a torrent of post-punk fury with their album "Bang!" Each track brims with relentless rhythms and searing guitar work, capturing the chaotic spirit of the genre. This album is an unrelenting assault on the senses, perfectly embodying the raw energy of punk rock.

King Hannah - Big Swimmer

King Hannah's "Big Swimmer" is a moody and atmospheric journey through alternative rock and Americana. The duo's haunting vocals and textured instrumentation create a dark, cinematic soundscape. It's a deeply immersive album that explores themes of love, loss, and resilience.

Maria Kelly - Drive

Maria Kelly's "Drive" is a beautifully crafted indie-folk song that captures the essence of moving forward and self-discovery. Kelly's ethereal voice paired with delicate instrumentation creates a serene and contemplative mood. It's a heartfelt track that invites listeners on a reflective journey.

The Worry People - Panic Room

The Worry People's EP "Panic Room" is a captivating exploration of love, loss, and self-discovery. The title track, "The Panic Room," uses a delicate piano and vocoded vocals to create a deceptive sense of calm before delving into deeper emotional territory. "Cherry Tree" closes the EP with raw vulnerability through its stripped-down acoustic arrangement. This EP offers a deeply emotional and relatable journey through the complexities of relationships and personal growth.

Silvurdrongur - Shamandrongur

Performed in one of the world's smallest languages, Faroese, Silvurdrongur's "Shamandrongur" is an experimental fusion of electronic and tribal sounds, creating a hypnotic and otherworldly experience. The track's innovative production and ethereal elements transport listeners to a mystical realm.

Sunday Honey - Wasted Time (Take One)

"Wasted Time (Take One)" by Australian 4-piece Sunday Honey is a soulful and introspective ballad that explores themes of regret and longing. The raw, stripped-down production and emotive vocals create a deeply personal and moving listening experience.

Bloody/Bath - Suffering

Bloody/Bath's "Suffering" is a dark and intense dive into the realms of industrial and gothic rock. The track's heavy beats and eerie vocals create a chilling atmosphere that captures the essence of pain and despair. It's a powerful and unsettling piece that leaves a lasting impact.

Sleuth Gang - Pity Party

Sleuth Gang’s "Pity Party" is a raw and gritty track that fearlessly tackles themes of anxiety, toxic masculinity, and self-introspection. Hailing from West Yorkshire, this punk/hip hop group blends northern English punk with influences from hip hop, grime, hardcore, dance, and alternative. The song's unvarnished portrayal of mental health issues stands out, offering a powerful and unglamorous look at the destructiveness of anxiety and depression.

Laurel - Only One

Laurel's "Only One" delivers a mesmerizing blend of ethereal vocals and lush, melancholic melodies. The track's dreamlike production creates an intimate atmosphere, allowing Laurel's raw emotionality to shine through. It's a hauntingly beautiful piece that lingers long after the last note fades.

STONE - Save Me

"Save Me" by Stone is a gritty anthem that pulses with raw energy and defiance. The driving guitars and vocals create a sense of urgency, perfectly capturing the song's plea for rescue from inner turmoil. It's a powerful track that resonates with a sense of both desperation and hope.

Julia-Sophie - numb

Julia-Sophie's "numb" is an introspective journey through electronic soundscapes and poignant lyrics. Her haunting voice cuts through the minimalist yet intricate production, creating a sense of isolation and vulnerability.

Michaela Åberg - Fire Let Me Through

"Fire Let Me Through" by Michaela Åberg is a fiery declaration of resilience and passion. Åberg's dynamic vocal delivery is complemented by the song's vibrant instrumentation, which blends elements of folk and pop seamlessly. This track is both anthemic and deeply personal, making it an empowering listen.

ÄTNA - Hiatus

Ätna's "Hiatus" is a bold exploration of electronic pop, characterized by its experimental beats and haunting harmonies. The duo's innovative approach to production results in a track that feels both futuristic and deeply emotive. "Hiatus" captivates with its unique blend of intensity and ethereal beauty.

Charlotte Cardin - A Week in Nashville

Charlotte Cardin's "A Week in Nashville" captures the essence of soulful storytelling with its rich, emotive vocals and heartfelt lyrics. The EP's laid-back, bluesy vibe perfectly complements Cardin's powerful voice, creating a timeless feel that transports listeners straight to the heart of Music City.

Deco - Forever

Deco's "Forever" is an infectious pop anthem with an irresistible groove and catchy hooks. The track's upbeat energy and polished production make it an instant earworm, while its lyrical content explores themes of lasting love and commitment. It's a feel-good song that's perfect for any pop playlist.

LOEMA - For You

"For You" is LOEMA's second single, exploring the disconnection between ex-partners, capturing a sense of resigned sadness. This track laid the groundwork for their upcoming EP, "Flowers For No One," set for a September release. The EP, centered on the grief of ending a relationship, uses flowers as a recurring metaphor, with "For You" represented by the bluebell, symbolizing humility and feeling lost. LOEMA, an experimental indie band from Utrecht, who blend sultry lyrics, dreamy sounds, and varied instrumentation to create a unique auditory experience about love and letting go.

Yonaka - Fight For The Right

"Fight For The Right" by Yonaka is a fierce rallying cry, blending rock and punk influences with a modern edge. The band's fiery performance and unapologetic lyrics create an empowering anthem for standing up and making your voice heard.

Sick Love - Champagne

Sick Love's debut album "Champagne" is a wild ride through gritty rock anthems and unapologetic lyrical themes. The band's raw energy and bold instrumentation create a sound that's both edgy and infectious.

Beverly Kills - Hymn To You

Beverly Kills, one of Sweden's most exciting alternative music acts, continues to captivate audiences with their latest single "Hymn To You". Known for their unique mix of Gothenburg indie and melodic post-punk, the band blends reverb-soaked synths and emotional melodies, creating a sound that's both melancholic and euphoric.

Lud Roes - Waiting For B

Formerly known as Avery and Ella, the band has rebranded as Lud Roes, reflecting their evolution. Alongside the release of their latest album "Dear IV", they drop a striking music video for "Waiting for B", directed by Mitchel Worley. Shot during a séance on a cold winter night, the video embodies the band's embrace of change and collaboration, celebrating growth within the music industry's underground scene.

Toucan - Don't Understand Why

Toucan, the moniker of pop, funk, and soul artist Conor Clancy from Tramore, Ireland, crafts laid-back, soulful tunes with an infectious feel-good vibe. His EP is out now, coinciding with the conclusion of his UK & Ireland tour at Whelan's on May 18th.

Bang & K $tone - On The Run

Bang, a South Asian-American independent recording artist, songwriter, and producer, hails from Michigan. With a musical upbringing steeped in classic Bollywood tunes from his parents and early exposure to hip hop and pop in the 2000s through his older brother and cousins, Bang has crafted a unique sound blending his diverse influences with modern electronic and alternative styles.

Sofi Tukker - Throw Some Ass

SOFI TUKKER have been on a relentless streak with releases and touring. They've announced their third album, "Bread," set for release on August 23, led by the single “Throw Some Ass,” inspired by Sophie Hawley-Weld's journey to alleviate chronic back pain. Despite its provocative title, the song delves into the power of mental affirmation. The track's Brazilian funk-inspired beats are influenced by their experience at Carnaval in Brazil.

Lico - We'll See

"We'll See" by Lico is a modern take on old-school R&B, blending glistening synths and moody basslines with airy vocals from frontmen Fin and Declan. According to frontman Declan Bodger, the track explores the conflicting emotions of moving on and mourning after a breakup. It delves into the struggle of grappling with a bruised ego and a broken heart, coming to terms with the reality that what was once loved no longer exists.

Nolo Grace - Mother

In the cinematic indie-pop track "Mother," Nolo Grace explores the complexities of familial relationships and the journey towards personal healing. Produced by Martin Wave, the song features a lush blend of synth, guitar, bass, and drums, crafting a sonic tapestry of authenticity and vulnerability. Inspired by Grace's own upbringing with an abusive, mentally ill mother, "Mother" extends a lifeline of empathy and understanding to those who have faced similar challenges.


Camens, the alternative indie band from Stoke-on-Trent, have released their highly anticipated debut album, WORK/LIFE/BALANCE. Known for their relatable lyrics and energetic live shows, the band channeled their daily struggles into this new record.

Tess Clare - Never Be A Boy

"Never Be A Boy" is a deeply personal track for Tess Clare, reflecting her journey of self-discovery and acceptance of her queerness. It explores her complex feelings towards a childhood friend, blending innocence with deeper desires.

Faded Shades - What I'm On About

London trio Faded Shades makes a bold start to the year with their latest single, "What I'm on About," a dynamic indie anthem inspired by a night in Amsterdam. Blending distorted bass, thrashing drums, and powerful vocals, the track captures the essence of navigating a foreign city. Known for genre fluidity, Faded Shades infuses alt-rock, pop, and indie vibes into their music. With a reputation for heartfelt and foot-tapping tracks, they're set to make waves in 2024 and beyond.

Font - Hey Kekulé

Austin quintet Font announces their debut album "Strange Burden," due July 12th via Acrophase Records, unveiling the lead single "Hey Kekulé." The track showcases their unique blend of dance beats and sampled stabs, drawing inspiration from Thom Waddill's dreamlike lyrics and Cormac McCarthy's essay "The Kekulé Problem." With a music video co-directed by Font and Blake Nelson, the band explores themes of vulnerability and mystery, reflecting their journey from live performances to studio experimentation. Additionally, Font will support Yard Act on their US tour later this year.

kahlla - give in

In "give in" kahlla blends her classical roots with ethereal soundscapes and mesmerizing vocals. The result? A captivating fusion of introspective pop that transcends boundaries and captivates the soul.

802 - 1986

Danish alternative hybrid 802 unleashes their latest single "1986," offering a nostalgic yet vibrant homage to the iconic year. 802 crafts a sonic fusion of heavy metal, shoegaze, and synth-pop, delivering irresistibly catchy melodies. The music video for "1986" transports viewers back in time, witnessing the band's quest for their signature sound amidst a backdrop of musical anarchy. And they will hit the stages at COPENHELL and the renowned Roskilde Festival this year!

Clean Out Louis - Foreigner

Clean Out Louis, a Copenhagen-based indie supergroup, has unveiled their debut single "Foreigner" on May 10th. The track seamlessly blends catchy Britpop vibes with a funky reggae feel, marking their entry into the vibrant Nordic music scene. The song reflects on themes of identity and alienation, inspired by Sylvester Zabello's experience of discovering his hidden first name, Louis. Together with Mingus Runge, they form Clean Out Louis, infusing their music with wobbly synths and energetic vocals. Despite their youth, both members bring experience from previous musical endeavors, promising a fresh and dynamic sound to listeners.


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