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NEW MUSIC | June 2024

Welcome to our monthly roundup, where we bring you a curated selection of the hottest releases, featuring both rising talents and established artists. Get ready to explore, discover, and immerse yourself in the melodies that define the month. Weekly updated.

The Ilfords - Snake Groove

Newcastle-based alt/indie rock band The Ilfords have dropped "Snake Groove", a track depicting a soldier's inner battle in foreign lands, climaxing with a choral homage to medieval stories. Known for their explosive live shows and diverse influences, The Ilfords are a band you should definitely catch live at one of their gigs in September!

Fxrrvst - CBAYAOM

Canadian duo Fxrrvst delivers a perfect summer jam with their new single "CBAYAOM" (I Can’t Be All You Ask Of Me). Drawing from their signature blend of indie rock and ambient music, this upbeat song is perfect for summer road trips and festival season.

Deco - I Love That Song

UK-based Deco are back with "I Love That Song", a catchy and vibrant tune. The upbeat tempo and nostalgic lyrics make it an instant favorite for pop enthusiasts. And we not only love the song, but also the video, which is a lot of fun, so go check it out!

Font - Natalie’s Song

Austin quintet Font drops "Natalie’s Song", a dynamic fusion of jangly guitars and disco-like drum beats, from their debut album Strange Burden. Known for their energetic live performances, this track captures the band's ability to blend genres and create a cathartic release. The accompanying lyric video, featuring handmade collages, adds a unique visual dimension to the song’s nostalgic yet forward-looking pop sound.

Oska - Forever Blue

Oska’s "Forever Blue" is a beautifully melancholic single that captures the essence of introspective indie-folk. Her delicate vocals paired with haunting melodies create an atmosphere that lingers long after the song ends.

STONE - Queen

STONE’s latest single, "Queen", is a high-energy track about the power of love that features infectious rhythms and catchy hooks. Along with the release, the band has announced a UK and European tour, promising fans a chance to experience their electrifying live performances across the continent.

Off Judy - Savour The Flavour

Byron Bay rock outfit Off Judy’s latest single, "Savour The Flavour", is a hard-hitting anthem that tackles themes of greed and social injustice. True to their mantra of bigger, faster, louder, the track delivers powerful, in-your-face energy that stands out as their best work yet.

Payson Lewis - Sorry To Keep You Up

Payson Lewis delivers a refreshing blend of pop and indie rock in his latest album "Sorry To Keep You Up" which was crafted over four years with over 30 collaborators. The Los Angeles-based artist showcases his dynamic vocal range and heartfelt lyrics throughout the album.

Otha - You’re The Best

Norwegian artist Otha brings a unique blend of electronic pop and introspective lyrics in her new single "You’re The Best". The minimalist production and haunting vocals create a mesmerizing listening experience.

House of Protection - Learn to Forget

House of Protection returns with "Learn To Forget", their blistering new single blending hardcore punk with electrifying production. Directed by Kevin Garcia, the intense visualizer matches the song's energy with rapid cuts and a fierce performance. Formed by former members of Fever 333, Aric Improta and Stephen Harrison, the duo's fearless creativity pushes boundaries, promising a thrilling live experience.

Fat Dog - I Am The King

Fat Dog's latest single "I Am The King" delivers a gritty, powerful anthem that showcases their raw, punk energy. Hailing from London, this up-and-coming band is making waves in the underground scene with their unfiltered sound.

Gurriers - Approachable

Dublin-based Gurriers bring an intoxicating blend of post-punk and indie rock with their new track "Approachable". The song’s frenetic pace and edgy guitar riffs are a testament to their evolving sound. Catch them on various festivals this summer and in Europe & UK at the end of the year!

Hippo Campus - Tooth Fairy

Indie darlings Hippo Campus offer a tender, introspective tune with "Tooth Fairy", blending dreamy melodies with heartfelt lyrics. The band is playing at several festivals, captivating audiences with their vibrant live performances.

Káryyn - Calm KAOSS! (EP)

Experimental artist Káryyn pushes sonic boundaries with "Calm KAOSS!", a mesmerizing EP that intertwines electronic and classical elements. Her innovative sound continues to intrigue and inspire a growing fan base.

Lilla Vargen - Drive (EP)

Northern Irish singer-songwriter Lilla Vargen's latest EP "Drive" delivers a collection of soulful, emotive ballads showcasing her powerful vocals and poignant songwriting.

NONONO - You’re Breaking My Heart

Swedish trio NONONO return with "You’re Breaking My Heart", a synth-pop gem that combines catchy hooks with a bittersweet narrative. Their infectious sound continues to resonate with fans worldwide.

Los Bitchos - Don't Change

London-based Los Bitchos bring their unique blend of psychedelic cumbia and rock with "Don't Change". This vibrant, instrumental track showcases their signature sound, full of groovy rhythms and infectious melodies.


Hailing from Yorkshire, DEADLETTER's new single "Mother" combines intricate guitars and cascading saxophones to create a dynamic art-punk sound. Inspired by Bong Joon Ho's film and the broader concept of motherhood, the track explores the intense lengths a mother will go for her child.

PostLast - Scavenge

With "Scavenge", PostLast delivers an atmospheric and haunting track that blends indie rock and electronic elements. It explores the calming presence of someone who can ground you and ease internal noise, anxiety, and pressure through an unspoken connection, reminding you to simply breathe.

BIG LOVE - Is It Over Yet

Dublin six-piece BIG LOVE's new track, "Is It Over Yet" melds brooding introspection with euphoric highs through glitchy synths and layered harmonies. Lead singer Ó’Maonlaí explores the fluctuating emotions of solitude, capturing the anticipation of happiness amid inner turmoil.


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