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NEW FEATURE | Venue Directory

Venues are where we probably spend most of our time (ok, maybe sometimes we sit at our desk even longer to edit the pictures, but you get the point). They also have a huge impact on the images we take. Is there a photo pit? Which lenses should we bring? How is the lighting? Questions we want to have answered before shooting at a new venue. That's why we introduce our community-driven venue directory! Let's share our experiences and find tips from fellow photographers!


To access our venue directory you need to be a registered and verified photographer or musician. You will have access to a list of venues with search options, venue details and comments made by other photographers and musicians!


As it's a community-driven directory, we want you to contribute! If you happen to have some time, please sign in and add your favorite venues to the directory! We will go through new venues on a regular basis and quickly check & approve them. Infos include: name of the venue, address & website, capacity and pit size. Enter as many or as few as you like, we're thankful for every bit!


Want to help others by sharing your experiences or have tips for others? Then search for the venue, click on it and add a personal comment! For example, how was it shooting at this venue? How were the lights? Was everyone friendly? Is there a place to leave your gear / wardrobe? When do the shows usually end? Are you allowed to shoot from the crowd after the first 3 songs?


We will check all submissions regularly and after approval they will be shown in the list. So make sure to come back again as it will constantly grow when we, you and others add new venues!


A big shoutout goes out to Laura, Chux On Tour Photography, Til Jentzsch, Tiffany Detzel and Shutter Up & Listen! They all have compiled lists so we don't have to start with an empty directory! Go follow them and like their posts cause they deserve it!


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